Beat Houston traffic with Waze, Jennifer Reyna and KPRC Local 2!

By Jennifer Reyna - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - There's no doubt traffic comes with the territory here in Houston. But what if you could get where you're going faster? 

Imagine millions of drivers across the country, working together to outsmart traffic. It's happening right here in Houston every day!

Local 2 is partnering up with an app called Waze. It's a crowd-sourcing traffic application that gives you up-to-the minute information about delays, construction, police name it.

As you use the map, the app sends a real-time signal back to Waze. That means people driving behind you could see trouble up ahead and vice versa.

The navigation feature will even re-route you midway if there's a quicker route.

Of course safety is our top priority and Waze makes it easy.  Instead of using your hands, use your voice by enabling the voice activation.

And you're giving a personal heads up to thousands of other people without ever looking up from the road.

Waze is a free app. And, again, it comes with voice activation so you do not have to worry about distracted driving.

Click here to read more about how to get Waze and how to join Jennifer Reyna and the KPRC Local 2 Traffic Team on Waze!

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