Baybrook Mall increases security after parking lot abduction, rape

By Andy Cerota - Anchor/Reporter

CLEAR LAKE, Texas - At Baybrook Mall, security was out in the full force Tuesday afternoon in the wake of Friday night's attack on a mall employee.

T.J. Trujillo has a friend who works there and says she used to worry about her walking to her car alone at night, until her friend took measures to protect herself.

"She finally got a concealed handgun license, so hopefully she is okay," Trujillo said.

The mall employee was attacked in the parking lot outside Dillard's shortly after finishing her shift. A man pulled up alongside her car acting as if he needed help and then abducted the 24-year-old woman, who was in her car.

Police say they drove around then he sexually assaulted her before dumping her on the side of the road. Police are checking with different businesses at the mall to see of a store's surveillance system may have captured something that could help lead investigators to the woman's attacker.

It's unclear if the victim had any type of weapon to protect herself.

"It might just be a deterrent, leave me alone. Might change some guy's mind, otherwise abducting and raping her," Trujillo said.

Violent crimes can happen anywhere but the latest statistics show they do not happen frequently at Baybrook Mall.

According to Houston police's data, in November there was one aggravated assault reported. In October, there were three robberies reported.

As the holiday shopping season kicks into high gear, women are being encouraged to shop in pairs or groups, or to ask a mall security officer for an escort to their vehicle.

Police told Local 2 if a stranger approaches you in a parking lot, scream and make as much noise and commotion as you can.

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