Bank robberies double in 2012

HOUSTON - The 2012 bank robbery statistics for the Houston metropolitan statistics are in, and the news is not good.

According to the FBI, 160 banks, their customers and employees fell victims to criminals in 2012.

That's a significant increase over 2011's figures, which showed that 78 banks were robbed.

The record number of bank robberies happened in 2010, when 171 were reported.

A FBI source said that 160 robberies isn't a high number, but the 78 in 2011 was quite low.

Why did the numbers go back up? Officials said there are some new serial robbers at work, and they've been racking up the numbers quickly.

Investigators said more banks are also open more often and many of those are in less-secure environments, like grocery stores.

"If you present credible information that someone hijacked a bank or another individual, juries hammer them," said Harris County District Attorney Mike Anderson, who took the oath of office on Monday. "Word gets out and maybe these bank robbers will try to find another profession."

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