Ballot is one of Harris County's longest

HOUSTON - It's considered one of the longest election ballots in Harris County history. And, voters are being encouraged to study up on all of the contested races, propositions and bond referendums before showing up to cast their ballots.

  There is a total of 115 federal, state and county contests plus eight propositions and non-partisian contests, according to Hector DeLeon with the Harris County Clerk's Office.

However, that does not mean every voter will get to have a say on each issue. That will depend on where you live and where you vote, says DeLeon.

  All Harris County voters will see 56 or 57 federal state and county contests on the ballot.

If you live in Houston, you will see 11 additional items, including items offered by the city of Houston, Metro, Houston Community College and the Houston Independent School District.

To make things easier, you can vote a straight ticket and then cast a ballot on the bond proposals.

  The League of Women Voters of the Houston Area has a voter's guide to help you study up on the election before you go vote.

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