Balancing Act

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HOUSTON - Life is a balance beam and without much thought, we learn to juggle while keeping our equilibrium. 

Fill your mind with the brilliance of balance as we celebrate the opening of our new exhibit, Balancing Act (Jan. 28 – May 20), which focuses on the physical nature of balance and how our body works to achieve it.

Thrill your senses with mind-wobbling activities sure to keep you on the tip of your toes.


• Test Your Balance:  Discover different balance elements, such as center of gravity and surface tension, through challenges at Science Station.

• Keep it Steady:  Swing by Junktion and put your equilibrium to the test with a body-toppling challenge sure to give you the wobbles.

• Topple:  This classic Junktion board game hangs in the balance by your skills. Stack the discs higher and higher but be careful to not let them fall!

• Drinking Straw Mobiles:  To achieve balance, one side can't be heavier than the other.  Explore this concept at Junktion.

• Body Tracing:  Learn to recognize the natural symmetry of your own body by making life-size cutouts of yourself at the Alexander Art Academy.

• Great Gobs of Fat:  Can you achieve a balanced diet?  Guess which foods are the fattiest using balls of "fat" at the Power Science Lab.

• Gross Out!  Clogged Arteries:  Have you struck a balance between diet and exercise?  Watch what happens to clogged arteries at the Power Science Lab.

• How Many Pennies?:  Could you tell me what my balance is?  Explore how much your toys would cost based on their weight and balance.
Event Time:  2 – 6 p.m. at the ExxonMobil Math Cart.
• All Things Being Equal:  Redress the balance using playing cards and operations like addition and subtraction.
Event Time:  2 – 6 p.m. at the ExxonMobil Math Cart.

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