Badly beaten dog left for dead in southwest Houston

The dog's canine teeth had been kicked or pulled out

HOUSTON - Becca the dog was dumped and left for dead in southwest Houston, now she has made a remarkable recovery after enduring horrible abuse.

"It sickens me to think that someone gets pleasure from doing this for whatever reason," said Joann Ellis, owner of a boarding facility.

Becca was found on August 20 after being tossed over the fence at a southwest Houston boarding facility.

When Joann first saw this 2-year-old Retriever, she couldn't believe the unimaginable abuse the dog had endured.

"It is straight slit cuts from the back of her mouth to the front of her mouth on her upper gums, and across the front of her throat, well as smaller cuts on her back, and a lot of K9 puncture wounds," said Ellis.

Even one of Becca's canine teeth had been kicked or pulled out.  She had a long gash down her back between her shoulder blades, but somehow, Becca managed to survive.

"She is turning around beautifully. It is amazing how they can be so loving and trusting after something so horrible could happen to them" said Ellis.

Becca will be available for adoption in about a week.

There are surveillance cameras in the area that may have video of this dog being dumped over the fence. If you have any tips on this crime, or want to adopt Becca, please contact the Forgotten Pet Advocates.

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