Back 2 School: What to do if your kid hates school

HOUSTON - It's back-to-school time and some kids are excited to head back into the classroom, while others don't find school all that appealing.

So, what can you do if your child just hates school?

According to an article from MSN and Parenting Magazine, first, pinpoint the problem. Get your child to identify exactly what frustrates them.

Perhaps your child can't keep up with all the notes. Then arrange for after-school study or tutoring.

Or, maybe your child loses focus after lunch. MSN and Parenting Magazine suggest that you give students a larger, higher protein breakfast.

If your child feels unpopular, then let them invite some friends over to hang out after school. And, get the teacher involved. But, don't put all the burden on the teacher. Work as a team.

Finally, be honest.

Your child may not like every subject at school, but let them know school is still important.

If your child isn't interested in a subject at school, ask the teacher in advance for the curriculum. Then you can find ways to incorporate it into fun discussions at home, in the car, or even waiting in line at the grocery store.

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