Back 2 School: What do you do if your child is being bullied?

HOUSTON - In the classroom, on the playground, or online, you need to discuss bullying with your child as they head back to school.

What are specific ways you can help your child?

We asked mental health professional and talk show host Dr. Phil McGraw for his advice.

"There is safety in numbers," said McGraw. "Build alliances with the other children.You don't hide from the bully, but avoid that as much as you can."

McGraw suggests that if your child has to have an encounter, they should do it one-on-one, because bullies like an audience.

"And if you look them in the eye, one-on-one, and say, 'Listen, this is not going to be okay.' And if they threaten you, they threaten your well being, again you need to tell somebody that you trust and it starts with your parents," said McGraw.

So what do you do as parent?

"You can begin with the bully's parents. Because let me tell you, parents don't always know that their child is a bully," said McGraw. "And if you tell them, 'Look, my child's number one concern is if I tell you, you're going to tell on him and it's going to get worse. Let's talk about how to subtly solve this problem.'"

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