Back 2 School: Setting sleep schedules

Getting into a sleep routine could help your child at school

By Jenelle Shriner - News Executive Producer

HOUSTON - All summer long your kids have probably been staying up a little later at night, and sleeping in later in the morning.

But young brains need fuel to focus in the classroom, so it's a good idea to start adjusting now.

Dr. Sally Ibrahim, a sleep expert at Cleveland Clinic Children's, says kids need help getting back in a sleep routine.

"Help them to physically fall asleep by waking them up a little bit earlier, then they will be able to fall asleep a little bit better.," Ibrahim says.

After all, better grades may depend on better sleep.

The National Sleep Foundation recommends getting into a relaxing bedtime routine that is age appropriate. The routine should be the same every night, so that they will associate all steps with sleep.

And keep those electronics out of the bedroom.

Video games, televisions, computers and cellphones can lead to poor sleep.

And lastly, make sure your kids eat well and exercise regularly, because both these things promote sleep.

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