Back 2 School: Price comparison website helps save you money

PriceBlink is a web browser add-on that helps you find the lowest prices

By Amy Davis - Reporter/Consumer Expert

HOUSTON - Most parents know, that back-to-school shopping list is way more technologically advanced than just paper and No. 2 pencils. 

Students these days need and want all kinds of high-tech gadgets for school. Whatever kind of electronics you're looking for, there is a website that will help you find it and help you find the best deal.

PriceBlink is a web browser add-on that helps you find the lowest prices for anything you need to buy. You have to install it on your computer; but after that, it does all the work of comparison shopping for you.

"When you shop online, it can tell exactly what you're looking at and it will tell you whether or not there are places you can get the item for lower prices," explained PriceBlink President Karl Quist.

When we looked up a Lenovo IdeaPad laptop at Best Buy, PriceBlink instantly found the computer for $66 less from a seller on eBay.

"We collect pricing information from over 11,000 different retailers, so when PriceBlink checks pricing for you, it's pulling from a really, really wide array of retailers," said Quist.

According to Quist, the browser add-on saves the average consumer 17-20 percent.

When you've found the best price, PriceBlink finds any promotional codes or coupons for your purchase.

"You hit the JC Penney home page or you hit their back to school sale, well we would let you know that there's a 10 percent coupon today on anything that you order," said Quist. 

PriceBlink obviously works for any item that you're shopping for. When you're finished with your back-to-school list, you can leave it on your computer. It will only pop up when you're shopping for something.

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