Back 2 School: Health Checklist

Five things parents need to do before school starts

HOUSTON - You've probably stocked up on back-to-school supplies and clothes by now, but there's one more checklist you may not have thought about- your child's back to school health check.

CVS MinuteClinic physician assistant- Holly Stewart- says health needs to be a top priority when sending kids back to school.

First and foremost, determine if your child needs a well check and sports physical to make sure they're good to go before stepping onto the field.

Prior concussions are also on the radar.

"We have to make sure that there haven't been prior concussions and if there has been proper clearance by a neurologist." Stewart says.

Second, make sure your child is up to date on vaccinations. Middle and high schoolers may be due for a D-Tap booster, and Texas college students are required to get a meningitis vaccine.

Now is also the time to get that all-important flu shot as well.

Stewart also says, "I would prefer if you get it before the flu season actually hits because that's the whole key in preventing the flu."

Another key to keeping well in school this year is good hygiene.

Make sure kids use hand sanitizers, wash hands often, and don't share water bottles or towels.

"Towels and that nature can actually spread dangerous skin infections such as what we've heard in the news lately called methicilin-resistant staph infections, so we really want to try to aim at preventing all of those," Stewart reminds us.

And finally, if your child takes medications, talk to the school nurse to discuss administering prescription medication and which over-the-counter medicines are permitted.

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