Babysitter accused of hurting 4-month-old

Tirza Magana charged with endangering child

HOUSTON - A babysitter has been accused of abusing a baby she was supposed to be protecting.

Tirza Magana, 48, has been charged with endangering a child.

Houston police said a 4-month-old's parents became suspicious of what was happening after coming home to find his daughter lethargic.

The parents had a hidden camera set up, and investigators said it showed Magana smothering the baby, carrying her around by her head and throwing her into her crib on May 25.

Detectives said a doctor told them that the girl could have suffered brain damage or been killed by the actions on the video.

According to court documents, Magana told police that she had been suffocating the baby several times a day for about a month. She said she knew it could hurt the baby, detectives said.

Investigators have not said why Magana was knowingly hurting the baby.

Magana was arrested Wednesday and has been released from jail after posting $10,000 bond.

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