Baby donor's heart saves boy's life

Dazelle Narvaez's parents donated 11-month-old's heart to Braydin McClelland, 8

HOUSTON - Parents who lost their 11-month-old baby girl heard her heart beating Saturday inside a boy whose life she saved.

Five years ago, Dazelle Narvaez died in a car accident. Her parents, through all of their pain, made the decision to donate Dazelle's 11-month-old heart.

Dazelle's mother and father never thought they'd hear her heartbeat again.

"Although she's gone physically, she still lives in someone else. Her heart's still beating," said Shelby Gonzalez, Dazelle's mother.

For the first time, Dazelle's parents got the chance to meet 8-year-old Braydin McClelland, the boy who was once dying from an enlarged heart until he received a special transplant.

"To me, 'Thank you' is not even... I have no words to describe it. You gave us our son… You gave us a chance again," said Brandie McClelland, Braydin's mother.

Juan Narvaez, Dazelle's father, fought back tears as he acknowledged the bittersweet reality that he lost his daughter, but was able to save another parent's child.

"I'm happy for them. It's a happy, sad day for me," said Narvaz.

Before the families paused for a moment of silence to remember Dazelle, her mother felt the heartbeat that once belonged to her little girl.

"Thank you. He's got the perfect heart. He's doing amazing," said Brandie McClelland.

Dazelle's parents said said they now take solace in knowing their daughter will live on in Braydin.

"And I'm very happy that he's doing great and that my daughter lives in a way in him and we still have her in a way," said Shelby Gonzalez.

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