Baby boy abandoned near dumpster back in June released from hospital

Baby Aiden was found near a dumpster on June 29

HOUSTON - For the first time we are getting to see the newborn baby boy who was abandoned in a dumpster in southeast Harris County in June.

"Baby Aiden" was released from the hospital on Wednesday.

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Back on June 29, a resident at the Park Center apartments on Beamer Road was taking out the trash when he discovered the baby boy wrapped in a black t-shirt next to the dumpster.

CPS named him Aiden, which means "little fire" in the Irish language, because he was born on one of the hottest days of the year. Local 2 Meteorologist Frank Billingsley said it was 107 degrees on June 29.

Baby Aiden was taken to Texas Children's Hospital and treated for respiratory distress and low blood sugar. He left the hospital for the first time on Wednesday.

An emergency protection order was filed by a CPS case worker to take custody of the child.

CPS is asking for the mother or anyone with information about Aiden to come forward by calling 1-800-252-5400. Officials would like to know if there is any family history of medical conditions or disorders.

Aiden has now gone home with a foster family.

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