Autistic boy's family has questions after his death

HOUSTON - A 12-year-old autistic boy was hit and killed as he walked on the S. Post Oak Road bridge at Main Street.

TJ Bowens was 6.6 miles from home when he was hit.

Gilberto Aguirre stayed at the scene Saturday night and has since been arrested and charged with DWI.

TJ Bowens' parents want to know what happened to him after he wandered from home.

"We don't need donations, we just want answers," said Alvester Bowens, the boy's father.

It was a normal Saturday afternoon for the family. They were playing outside in the Ridgemont neighborhood. TJ started riding his sister's bike.

"The day he rode his bike was the proudest day we had ever seen; it was the biggest smile," said Bowens.

A sense of accomplishment for the 12-year-old, who has never spoke a word.

"If you knew how to communicate with your heart you would be able to talk to TJ all day. He never said a word, but you would love the conversation you had with him from the heart," said Bowens.

TJ started to go around the block and his father ran after him. When he reached the corner, TJ was gone. He was wearing blue jeans, black shoes, a red hoodie and riding a blue bike.

The family searched the neighborhood and called police. Hours later they found out TJ was hit by a vehicle while walking on S. Post Oak Road.

On Tuesday, the family went back to the scene to try and find anyone who saw TJ.

A neighbor said she saw TJ on the blue bike on the feeder road of Beltway 8 near Ridgemont.

"She was walking around, knocking doors, asked if anyone seen him, I said, 'Yeah I saw him. Did he have a hoodie on? Red hoodie, blue bike -- that was him,'" said Kristal Williams.

The blue bike hasn't been found. The family says they are desperate to put together a timeline because they believe someone picked up their son.

"I believe someone may have picked him up. I believe that," said Bowens.

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