Authorities hit the streets for Great State Warrant Roundup

Roundup targets thousands of defendants with outstanding warrants

HOUSTON - Authorities say if you have a warrant, you can run, but you can't hide during the Great State Warrant Roundup.

The roundup targets thousands of defendants with outstanding warrants for traffic, parking, city ordinance, penal code violations and higher charges from participating jurisdictions.

Deputies with Harris County Precinct 1 started out early Saturday morning. They said they're looking for people with outstanding misdemeanor warrants.

"It's really hit or miss," said Deputy Joel Garcia with Precinct 1. "You don't know who's going to be home and who's not going to be home, but we're usually pretty successful."

Garcia, along with Deputy Geno Benavides targeted the northeast side of their precinct. They said these are warrants for traffic violations or hot checks. Most of the people were not at home, so the deputies left a note on the door.

Officials said some didn't even live at the address anymore. However, deputies said an attempt to reach the person has to be made.

For Harris County Constable Alan Rosen, this day is an attempt to go after roughly 25,000 misdemeanor warrants.

"We can pick them up at work and at home," said Rosen. "We can pick them up anywhere we have good information we can locate these people."

In one case, deputies said the door they were knocking on opened. They said they drew their guns and went inside.

"For public safety, we want to make sure there wasn't anybody down," said Benavides.

Deputies said one person told them he knew exactly why deputies were there. They told him he had traffic warrants, that on Saturday, landed him in jail, officials said.

The person told Local 2 he was going to take care of the warrants with his tax return, but deputies beat him to it.

Officials said the warrant roundup is believed to be the largest joint operation of its kind, with arrests expected to continue for several days.

If you have a warrant in Houston, officials said a notice should have been mailed to you. If you have a warrant somewhere other than Houston, you're encouraged to contact that jurisdiction for information about how to clear it.

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