Austin lawyer wants to buy Casey Anthony's life story

Mother acquitted in murder of daughter needs debts repaid

HOUSTON - A lawyer from Austin, Texas has offered to buy Casey Anthony's life story for $10,000 in an effort to keep her from profiting from her notoriety, according to an NBC report.

The 27-year-old mother who was acquitted of the 2011 murder of her two year old daughter, Caylee, is filing for bankruptcy, claiming she owes almost $800,000, mostly in attorney fees.

A bankruptcy trustee wants to repay Anthony's debts by auctioning off the rights to her life story.

Attorney James Schober of the Austin law firm Bartlett & Schober believes Anthony's story "has value" and wants to buy it.

Anthony's lawyers do not want her story to be auctioned off and legal experts expect the woman's lawyers to fight any plan to sell her story.

 "Ms. Anthony's 'life story' has never been published ...she would have to speak, write or otherwise express her memories so they could be recorded in a form enjoyable by others. For that reason alone, the Trustee's motion should be denied as a matter of law," according to a motion filed by her lawyers.

NBC legal analyst Kendall Coffey said that Anthony's biggest potential source of income is a book deal and a movie deal. "That's why it would be vitally important from her standpoint to keep that money away from the creditors that she owes money to," said Coffey.

At a hearing last month in Orlando, Fla., the Trustee ask Anthony about plans for sell her story.

Trustee:   "Have you had any discussions with any agents in relationship to any movie or book rights to your story?"

Casey Anthony:  "No, sir."

Trustee:  "Have you hired an agent to handle any media rights at this time?"

Casey Anthony:  "No, sir."

Now the court has to determine if Anthony's story is an asset and if it is, should it be sold to the highest bidder.  In a bankruptcy, the goal is for the court to liquidate assets to pay creditors.



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