Attorney arrested; Road rage investigation launched

By Mark Boyle - Reporter

TOMBALL, Texas - A Harris County assistant attorney is facing a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after a case of road rage in Tomball over the weekend.

Tomball police say that Friday afternoon Johnny Leazer accidentally cut Susan Sciacca off on the roadway, and officials say that triggered a series of violent events.

Leazer called 911 and reported Sciacca had started "brake-checking" in front of him after she was cut off near Business 249 and Holderrieth, in Tomball.

"As soon as I looked in my mirror to go over, she kind of slammed on her brakes, and then she went around me and jumped around to the far left-hand lane, swerved again, slammed on her brakes," Leazer told the 911 dispatcher.

Police say Leazer pulled into a bank parking lot a few minutes later with Sciacca right behind.

"The lady pulls right up next to him with her passenger window down and points the gun at him," said Tomball Police Chief, Robert Hauck.

Seconds later, the assistant county attorney called 911 herself to tell police she pulled her gun because she claimed she was followed and felt in fear for her life.

"I've got a man out here screaming at me at the First Bank, he cut me off coming down the road. He got out of his car and I pulled my gun on him. I have a concealed handgun license; I'm a Harris County prosecutor," Sciacca said on the call.

But when police arrived and started speaking with Leazer and Sciacca, Sciacca was arrested because officers say, bank security cameras show she actually followed Leazer into the parking lot and had no right to pull out her gun.

"I would hope anybody would know better, but this is somebody who should have really known better," Hauck said.

Meanwhile, Sciacca was arrested and has bonded out of jail.

Sciacca is expected to be in court to face a judge Tuesday. Local 2 tried reaching Harris County attorney Vince Ryan, but because of the Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday, calls and emails weren't returned.

The bar released this statement Monday:

"We cannot comment on Ms. Sciacca specifically, due to the confidentiality provisions set forth in the Texas Rules of Disciplinary Procedure. In general, though, the Rules authorize our office to seek compulsory discipline against an attorney who is convicted of certain crimes, including barratry, felonies involving moral turpitude, or misdemeanors involving theft, embezzlement, or misapplication of money. We may also seek discipline for other criminal acts if it can be shown that the conduct reflects adversely on the lawyer's honesty, trustworthiness or fitness in relation to his or her practice."

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