AT&T workers targeted by robbers

Company offers up to $10,000 reward

HOUSTON - AT&T has told its workers to be on the lookout after another employee was attacked and robbed while on the job.

The company has posted reward notices on some utility boxes. Those notes tell area residents someone robbed one of its employees while he was working on Wednesday. It also references two other incidents where an AT&T employee was robbed by two armed men.

All of the crimes happened in a northwest Houston neighborhood in the last six weeks.

Neighbors are concerned.

"In any neighborhood, a decent human being doesn't want crime in his neighborhood," said resident J.C. Crawford.

"I just moved here and that makes me feel real nervous," said Kelly Adams.

According to police, the employee was working behind an apartment building on Wednesday when a man approached him and asked for directions.

Police said the man then pulled out a gun and took the employee's wallet, as well as his company-issued phone and iPad.

In a statement, AT&T said in part: "We are cooperating with the local authorities as the matter is under investigation."

AT&T is urging anyone with information to call their protection asset line at 1-800-807-4205.

That reward is up to $10,000.

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