AT&T robberies believed to be connected

HOUSTON - Police are investigating two AT&T store robberies that happened within the past three days.

Investigators said they believe the same suspects could be responsible for more incidents.

The first robbery happened on Saturday afternoon at the South Shepherd and West Alabama location.

Surveillance cameras captured two masked men barge inside the store. One of the men was seen holding a gun.

The armed man proceeded to take employees and two customers to the back storage room.

The men then quickly raided the room, filling up a handful of bags with merchandise and money.

The second AT&T robbery happened Tuesday at the store on Studemont and Washington Avenue.

"They come in with guns and masks and we cant see who they are. It seems like they are getting more bold by putting guns directly in the back of people's heads and coming in with customers also in the store as well," said the store manager.

Anyone with information on the robberies is asked to contact police.

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