Astros fans told to 'quiet down' at game take frustration to YouTube

Fans encourage Astros organization to create 'more fan-friendly' environment

By Keith Garvin - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - Fans attend Astros games to cheer on their team and to have a good time.

"I'm rowdy. Especially if they're doing really good," said fan Carmen Flint, who attended Wednesday night's game. "I'm cheering them on no matter what."

"On the field I get excited pretty good," added Jesus Macias from Minute Maid Park.

So imagine the reaction from a group of fans who were told by a security guard at Monday night's game to "quiet down" and stop heckling an opposing player. A couple of them were so upset they took their frustration to YouTube.

"If we can't get out there and get in the heads of the visiting team when they come here, what's the point of a home field advantage?" asked one of the fans in the uploaded video.

The fans are encouraging the Astros organization to create what they call a more fan-friendly environment. The team acknowledged the incident and said the security guard "was in the wrong."

The club also reached out to the fans who called them out online, apologized and offered them free tickets and parking to another game. Some fans thought it was the right move.

"That was nice of them," said Carmen Flint. "I mean, they didn't have to do that. They could've just said, 'OK, whatever. People make videos all the time about us,' but they went that extra mile."

But others said that extra mile was too far. They believe the team didn't owe the upset fans a thing and said even though they've paid for their tickets, fans should still keep it classy.

"It's good excitement, but you have to respect all the people around you," said Macias. "OK? Just be a sportsman."

The Astros said the fans who were upset about Monday night's incident have accepted their apology and the free tickets.

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