Arson suspected at same home, twice

Quick-thinking neighbor may have prevented more damage

HOUSTON - A town home resident believes he's the victim of foul play after he says someone tried to burn his home down twice in two days.

Around 12:30 a.m. Sunday, fire crews arrived at the Westbury Gardens town homes on Arboles near Chimney Rock in Southwest Houston.

Fire officials said they found heavy flames coming from the home when they arrived.

According to officials, the fire was put out before it could reach other units. Some of the credit may go to one of the victim's neighbors, Dan Lowe.

"I heard somebody screaming, saying somebody's caught my house on fire," said Lowe. "I got the water hose because the building is so close and the trees are so dry. I sprayed and sprayed until the fire department got here."

Eric Sins told firefighters the fire started in his condo.

"Tonight, when I went to take the garbage out, I came upstairs (and) got in bed," said Sins. "Then, I saw billows of smoke coming out of my bedroom."

Sins said he knows the person who may have started the fire.

"The person I had graciously given my condo while I was away on vacation. When I had thrown him out, he had sent me a series of texts that said he was going to get me back," said Sins.

Sins said there's an easy access to get into his condo. He said he thinks his ex-friend snuck in and lit his condo on fire.

Sins also said he thinks the same person started another fire the day before.

"Yesterday, my stairway was lit on fire," Sins said.

Investigators are trying to figure out who is responsible for the fire. Officials said they haven't made any arrests yet.

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