Armed robbery at bar caught on tape

HOUSTON - Several crooks are on the run after they stormed into a Montrose-area bar and robbed the employees, police said.

The robbery happened around 3:30 a.m. Saturday at the F Bar in the 200 block of Tuam.

Irwin Palchick said he's worked hard to get his bar on the map, but he hopes he never sees Saturday's crowd of crooks again.

Surveillance video caught three men carrying guns and wearing masks storming into the bar and demanding cash.

Officials said no customers were inside, but several employees were forced to empty their pockets.

"They scooped up all the money while three of my employees and my self were laying on the ground," said Palchick. "After getting the money, he marched us out to the main part of the club, made us all lay down face down and said don't move for five minutes. And they rushed out the door."

One year ago, Palchick was victim to another robbery. He was beaten up so badly, he was sent to the hospital.

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