Are Disney characters too thin in new campaign?

New fashion ad depicts skinny Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Daisy Duck

HOUSTON - A high-end store has taken Minnie Mouse, Goofy and Daisy Duck and turned them into rail-thin runway models.

Some parents are seeing the makeover as a major problem when it comes to the message it's sending to children.

Household names seen on store shelves as soft and cuddly characters are depicted at Disney theme parks as sweet and simple, but they have been converted to couture for Barney's

Minnie Mouse is on display with distorted dimensions in designer clothing.

According to reports, the skinnier characters are for a Christmas campaign by the department store.

"We're looking at someone who looks like a walking pencil," said Dr. Harvey Rosenstock, a child psychiatrist. "That kind of image would be inviting certain kinds of physiologic disasters and psychological disasters ... the younger the individual, the more likely they are to want to model that kind of behavior."

Disney has not returned phone calls from Local 2.

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