Are biker gangs planning to threaten Texas police officers?

By Joel Eisenbaum - Investigative Reporter

WACO, Texas - The Bandidos Motorcycle Club could be planning to carry out violent retaliatory acts against Houston police officers, according to a Texas Department of Public Safety bulletin, KPRC 2's sister station KXAS-TV reported.

KPRC 2 News was unable to independently confirm the existence of the bulletin.

The Austin NBC affiliate said the bulletin warned that Bandidos members currently serving in the military were attempting to secure explosives, including grenades, to use against law enforcement members in several Texas locales, including Houston.

KXAS further reported that the gangs are "plotting to target high-ranking law enforcement officials with car bombs."

Official channels of DPS, the Houston Police Department, and other Houston law enforcement agencies, would not acknowledge existence of such a bulletin.

"We don't confirm specific threats. I can tell you that we are monitoring the Waco situation. We have the resources to deal with anything that pops up," Houston Police Department spokesperson Victor Senties said.

Members of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club have said publicly since the Waco incident the group has no plans to harm police officers.

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