Appeal from Houston man shot by police turned away by justices Morrison

WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court has turned away an appeal from a Houston man who was shot in the back by a police officer during a traffic stop for suspected drunken driving.

The order Monday in the case of Ricardo Salazar-Limon prompted a lengthy dissent from Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who complained of a "disturbing trend" in how the high court deals with cases alleging police misconduct.

Police said Salazar-Limon resisted arrest during the 2010 stop and walked away after a brief struggle. The officer said he saw Salazar-Limon reach toward his waistband and shot him in the lower back. The injury left him partially paralyzed.

A federal judge rejected Salazar-Limon's claim that the shooting violated his constitutional rights. Salazar-Limon claimed the case should have been tried before a jury.

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