Anti-Obama sign turns heads

Business owner took offense to statement president made

HOUSTON - A business owner in Waller has put up a campaign sign that has people talking.

The sign outside Design Air System states President Barack Obama can kiss the owner's rear, but he used another word, one that we can't put in writing, for that.

"I'm Chris Newcomer and I approved this message," wrote the business owner who displayed the sign.

The owner of a family-operated air conditioning business said a recent presidential speech infuriated him.

"The President made a statement that said if you've got a business, you didn't build it. Somebody else made that happen. I had a problem with that," said Newcomer.

According to Newcomer, he put up the sign about one month ago and people stop daily to ask where he got it.

"We've only had one negative feedback. Someone driving by and honking and making a crude statement. I expected that. One out of 100, no big deal. The local people support it," said Newcomer.

After 17 years in business, Newcomer said he wants politicians to understand the challenges of operating a small business.

"Me, my daddy and God build this business. So, the government has never helped me build a business," said Newcomer.

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