Another major pot bust in Polk County

2nd time in less than 2 weeks authorities stumble upon large marijuana growing operation

By Lauren Freeman - Anchor

POLK COUNTY, Texas - There was another major pot bust in Polk County. For the second time in less than two weeks authorities have stumbled upon a large marijuana growing operation in the area.

No one would ever suspect a marijuana growing operation like this in a small town in Polk County. Except another operation was uncovered last month, just 10 miles away. This time it happened on FM 943. Hoses and water lines carried the water to the fields.

"We were alerted by a neighbor or a citizen of a water well and a generator buried in the ground in a bunker," said one law enforcement official.

Altogether about 6,000 plants were seized Wednesday, some as tall as 10 feet high. It took all morning for law enforcement to uproot the plants and load them on trailers.

Last week a deer hunter discovered the first pot operation off Old Highway 35 in Goodrich. It was a sophisticated system with an irrigation system and generators and more than 100,000 plants. Inmates from Polk County Jail were used to uproot those plants so they could be destroyed. At least one arrest was made in that case.

No one has been arrested yet for this bust, but the plants will be destroyed at some point.

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