"America's Got Talent" in Houston

By Gianna Caserta - Reporter

HOUSTON - Thousands of people showed up at Reliant Stadium to give it everything they had at their chance at stardom.

"I always see people on the TV and they get famous, and what if someone is watching who has a record label? Then I can become famous if they like my voice, so why not?" said singer Autumn Bashir.

From kids, to dance ensembles, to saxophone players, everyone was there waiting their turn for a chance at a big break.

"I am singing. I have been doing this all of my life," said Isabel Velez. "This is my second time trying out for 'America's Got Talent.'"

"I have seen dancing, jazz music, awesome guitar player and it is an amazing, amazing experience," said Mckenna Wiliams.

Others auditioned in hopes that being on a network show could catapult them into the industry.

"If I can appear on 'America's Got Talent,' then maybe the right people can hear and see me and I can accomplish the other events," said singer Jim Watterman. "I would like to sing the national anthem at a national event like the Super Bowl, and I would like to visit our troops in a war zone."

Each contestant had 90 seconds to show their talent to the series' producers in hopes they would eventually get the chance to perform for "America's Got Talent" and be on the right track to making their dreams become a reality.

"America's Got Talent" will be airing on Local 2 this summer.

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