Alvin residents deal with water leak

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter

ALVIN, Texas - Residents who live on Ramirez Street off S.H. 35 in Alvin are concerned after a weekend water leak left their properties flooded.  

"Saturday evening, late, we noticed water standing over here," said Gregory Leder. "On Sunday morning it was flooded. My neighbor's whole property, up to his house, was flooded." 

The problem was a pipe that burst, spewing saltwater all over Leder's six acres and into other yards. The pipe belonged to Denbury Resources, Inc., an oil and gas company that backs right up to Leder's land. 

A Denbury spokesperson told Local 2, "A saltwater transfer line within the Denbury Onshore-operated Hastings Field failed, resulting in a release of saltwater."

But Leder said he saw more than just saltwater.

"I saw oil all over the ground," he said. 

Now he's concerned about contamination, his vegetation, hundreds of dead crawdads that he has seen in the creek near his home and his underground well. Saltwater, in large amounts, can be harmful to plants and animals.  

"My biggest concern is my drinking water," Leder said. "I drink it everyday. I have my wife, my family and kids come over here and my pets. Everybody drinks from the water." 

Leder said a Denbury employee offered to pay to have his water tested.  

"I don't know what to expect right now," Leder said. "I want it fixed. I live here."  

Others who live on the same street are also concerned.

"My grandkids play out here in the yard," said Ruebin Flores.

Flores told Local 2 several big tanker trucks had been in the neighborhood cleaning up the mess and pumping the water out.

In a statement, the Denbury spokesperson said, "Denbury took immediate action to stop the release and contain and recover the saltwater. The area is secure and poses no threat to the public. Denbury is actively working with government agencies and landowners to remediate the impacted area and ensure the safety and welfare of the community, its residents and the environment, which is Denbury's top priority."

It's unclear how much water was leaked, a company spokesperson said it is still trying to determine.

Residents insist it was thousands of gallons. The Denbury spokesperson did say there was no oil in the water, it was strictly saltwater that spilled. 

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