Alvin newlywed: Webster jewelry store lost wedding band

Woman claims store told her different band was actually hers, saying it was due to weather or she gained weight

By Syan Rhodes - Anchor/Reporter

WEBSTER, Texas - An Alvin newlywed says a popular jewelry store chain lost her wedding band and she is desperate to get it back in time for her first-anniversary photo shoot next week.

Tracie Andreason said her husband took the ring to the Jared store on Bay Area Boulevard in Webster for a regularly scheduled insurance check-up last week. When he picked it up Monday, Andreason said she noticed right away something was wrong.

"I go to put it on and it doesn't fit," Andreason said.

That wasn't all; Andreason said the ring had a few extra pieces of bling.

"All I know is this ring has two extra diamonds, it's bigger and I'm sure it's probably worth more money, but it's not my ring, it does not fit," she said.

The couple went to store management and got a devastating explanation.

"They told me they lost my ring they gave it to someone else," Andreason said. "I was pretty upset, I was almost in tears, because that's meaningful to me; that's something that you cherish that's something you want to keep forever."

Andreason said a few days later another Jared employee tried to explain that this band actually was her original ring.

"She told me it's all in the change of the weather or that I actually gained weight. Within two days, I don't think I've gained that much weight to where my ring's not going to fit on my finger," said Andreason.

She said the store offered to replace the band and reset her engagement diamond along with a $100 gift card, but Andreason turned down that proposal.

"I don't want that ring, I don't want a new ring, I want my ring," said Andreason.

Local 2 called and emailed Jared's parent company, Sterling Jewelers, but they did not respond to our request for a comment on Andreason's complaint.

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