Alleged road rage incident leads to wild ride for victim

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

HOUSTON - A man says he jumped into the back of a pickup truck and was taken for a seven-mile trip after an alleged road rage incident.

It started Tuesday in the parking lot of the Chase Bank at Bissonnet at the Southwest Freeway. A man said a driver heard a "big bump" when the pickup door hit his car door. The driver of the car said he got out to exchange information. That's when he said the pickup driver tried to run over him.

The car driver said he hopped in the back of the pickup as the man tried to drive away.

He said the man drove his pickup down the Southwest Freeway trying to throw the car's driver out of the back. The man said he didn't have his cell phone and convinced other drivers to call 911 by writing "911" on his chest with a pen.

The man said the pickup driver took the Highway 6 exit and got backed up in traffic in Sugar Land. That's when the man said he jumped from the back of the pickup to safety after a seven-mile trip.

Police arrested the 65-year-old pickup driver. The initial call to police was recorded as a "kidnapping."

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