Alleged items stolen from Woodlands woman's closet sent to Houston Press writer

Alleged thief claims stolen items were supposedly worthless

By Keith Garvin - Anchor/Reporter

THE WOODLANDS, Texas - An already bizarre story just got even stranger.

Someone claiming to be the thief who pulled off a heist in socialite Theresa Roemer's legendary three-story, 3,000-square-foot closet in The Woodlands sent some of the alleged items to Houston Press writer Craig Malisow.

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In a 14-year career, this was a first for Malisow.

"Yeah, it's a little unique," he said.

The alleged thief first called Malisow on Tuesday using a burner phone and a voice modulator.

"Every single item that she had was fake," said the voice heard on the audio clip released by the Houston Press, a news and entertainment weekly. "If you give me an address, I will send you samples of items of hers."

The person claimed to be reaching out after learning the stolen items were supposedly worthless. The alleged thief also said he or she was exposing Roemer after failing to extort more than half a million dollars from her.

As proof, the person then sent a package to Malisow at the Houston Press containing 10 to 15 items. They included jewelry, a watch and a locket supposedly containing a lock of hair from Roemer's deceased son.

"They did say that the lock of hair would be included in what they were sending," said Malisow. "So I was most curious to see if that was included."

Local 2's Keith Garvin spoke to Roemer who said she's not sure if the items sent to the Press are hers but the man who robbed her was "evil."

"It's one thing to rob me, but to keep harassing me is too much," said Roemer. "He's making my life a living hell."

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