Allegations of horse neglect at animal sanctuary

By Phil Archer - Reporter

WALLER, Texas - The Harris County Sheriff's Office has opened an investigation into complaints of neglect at an animal sanctuary for horses in Waller.

The Remington Equine Sanctuary is owned by Rose Westover. About 30 horses and donkeys are currently kept there. Westover says about 90 percent are rescue animals that were destined for the slaughter house before they were brought there. She operates the sanctuary mostly through donations.

“They are being fed, they are being taken care of, they get vet care, they have 53 acres to roam on,” Westover says.

But another sanctuary operator and some of Westover's neighbors say at least three horses have died from neglect in her care.

Melanie Veaeth operated the true Blue Animal Rescue sanctuary in Brenham, Texas.

“She has too many horses that she can't care for, she doesn't have grass, she doesn't have enough feed. I think that they're getting sporadically fed,” Veath said.

Veath said she was called to the ranch last December to pick up a mare and foal that were severely underweight and in desperate need of veterinary care.

“They had worms, strangles, malnutrition, and she did nothing to help them.” Veath said.

Within days of being put under a doctor's care, the foal died, and the mare had to be euthanized. Veath said one other horse kept by Westover was shot after it became mired in mud at the sanctuary.

“When they come to her she doesn't provide care, if they die they die. Lot of them come to her in good condition and lose weight as well.' Veath said

Ms Westover says she was unable to care for the mare and foal who she says were dumped on her property by their owner. She says the two horses were in her care for just two weeks.

When asked why she didn't immediately call a veterinarian, she said, “Because at that time it wasn't so much they needed a vet, they needed more shelter, they needed to be fed differently than what I had, I'm not set up for that."

Westover insists most of her horses are healthy and leave her sanctuary in better shape than when they arrived.

The Harris County D.A. has now opened an investigation into complaints from Veath and others about conditions at the sanctuary.

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