Aldine-area vandals hit nearly 50 cars with pellet guns

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HOUSTON - Families in the Aldine area are fed up as cars continue to be vandalized in their neighborhood. Neighbors say someone has shot nearly 50 cars with a pellet gun.

Susan Borman is one of 80 victims of pellet gun vandalism.

"My neighbors woke up, and came knocking on my door and we found out it was all down the street," Borman said.

Police say it was someone with a pellet gun. The Houston Police Department handled about 45 reports Saturday morning. Investigators believe the cars were hit after midnight.

"They've done over $100,000 in damage. Something has got to be done," said Borman.

Residents say there is a rumor someone saw a red truck that could be responsible for the windows being shot out. They are looking for answers at the Civic Club meeting Tuesday night.

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