Air-conditioning units stripped of parts in West Harris County community

By Keith Garvin - Anchor/Reporter

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas - Tuesday around 10 a.m. a West Harris County family noticed the temperatures inside their home in the Mason Lakes Subdivision near Mason and Clay rising.

The wife, who said she and her family did not want to be identified, called her husband at work.

"She said, 'It's really hot. Did you change the thermostat?'" the husband said. "I was like, 'No. Check the a/c outside.'"

The woman found that sometime overnight someone had stolen most every part of their a/c unit. Wires were cut and the compressor and motor were stripped away. And their home isn't the only that's been hit.

"Immediately I talked to some people in the neighborhood," says the husband who was robbed. "Apparently it's been happening a lot in this neighborhood."

At another house less than a block away sits another a/c unit that's been stripped and stolen. No one lives at the time, but with new tenants moving in soon the owner had to have a new one installed Tuesday evening.

As for the family down the street, temperatures have reached 90 degrees indoors. They're now considering temporary housing plans.

"Oh, it's pretty hot," said the husband. "We're really thinking about maybe booking a hotel room or something like that because it's unbearable."

Another nearby home didn't have their a/c unit stolen, but a refrigerator and stove taken by thieves.

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