Agents find 'massive drug factory' of ecstasy pills during raid

HOUSTON - Investigators are calling it possibly the largest ecstasy raid ever in our area after federal agents stumbled  upon a massive ecstasy producing operation inside a northwest Harris County home.

Federal agents came to a home on Pattiglen Drive to serve a search warrant for alleged drug activity. But when agents arrived, they say a man jumped out of a second-story window.

That piqued the interest of investigators, so they then went inside the home to check it out.

Agents say they found a massive drug factory with several pill presses, chemical and bonding agents, and drug residue  throughout the house. 

"The residue on the floor is a half inch thick.  It's on the TV's, it's on the computer screens, it's on the walls... It's everywhere," said Gregory Palmore with Homeland Security.
Investigators believe the operation may have been responsible for the production of several hundred thousand ecstasy tablets over the last year. Each single tablet sells for $20.
The Department of Homeland Security said the factory is the first ecstasy producing operation their local agents have encountered. The suspect, who we're told in his 30s, was taken into custody. 

Investigators are now working to identify possible accomplices.

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