Advocates upset girl not allowed to use walker

School district wants girl, 5, to use wheelchair

HOUSTON - Some disability advocates say a family is being bullied. Their daughter who has cerebral palsy is no longer allowed to use her walker at school.

"It breaks my heart that our families have to fight every day for basic rights," said Elise Hough, the CEO of Easter Seals Houston.

Hough was so upset by a Kingwood mother's YouTube video of her meeting with New Caney ISD officials that Hough put the link on the Easter Seals Houston Facebook page.

Kristi Roberts recorded a conversation she had about her daughter, LaKay, 5, who uses a walker to get around.

"I just told you - we don't feel it's safe any longer," said a man who works for New Caney ISD. 

"Why, why isn't it safe?" said Roberts.

LaKay used to rely on a wheelchair but doctors said she can now use a walker.

"I want her to live the best, fullest life she can. If that's in a wheelchair that's fine, but right now she can walk," said the girl's mother.

But after a fall in the parking lot, Roberts said she was told by school officials that the walker is unsafe and could no longer be used at school.

"We all fall down. We have to get up and we can't be tied down," Roberts said. 

Hough said the school district has the obligation to provide a safe environment for children like LaKay.

"You don't tell somebody you trip on your feet so chop em off to come to school, you're safer in a wheelchair," said Hough. "For a person with a disability, their assistive technology is like an extension of their body."

New Caney ISD issued a statement saying it couldn't comment on the video.

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