Admitted humanitarian crisis, Capitol Hill gridlock over Texas border

By Robert Arnold - Investigative Reporter

HIDALGO COUNTY, Texas - Republicans and Democrats continue to lock horns over how to handle the thousands of Central American immigrants caught illegally crossing our border.

Democrats argue inaction is only exacerbating the issue, while Republicans are demanding better border security before considering a path toward citizenship.

"The fear is we'll be 10 years down the road and there will be another 12 million folks here if we don't do border security first," said Republican Congressman Blake Farenthold.

As congressional leaders continue blaming one another for this genesis of this crisis, there is a growing wave of unrest in communities where many of these illegal immigrants are being detained.

"US citizens have to pay taxes, higher taxes, in order to support these people, it's just not fair," said a protester at a rally in California. "We can't take care of our own."

When the federal government began moving hundreds of Central American children and women from overcrowded detention centers in Texas to California, protesters gathered to try to block Department of Homeland Security buses from entering facilities in Murietta.

However, in San Diego activist gathered to ask the federal government for sympathy.

"Love has no borders and we have to live that," said Enrique Morones, Director of Border Angels.

Others are hoping the government will allow the thousands of children sent to the US alone to stay in the country.

"We want these kids to be able to seek asylum cases, they are fleeing a war torn country," said Irvis Orozco, an immigration activist.

President Barack Obama is planning to visit Texas next for fundraising events, but White House officials said at this time he has no plans to visit the border.

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