Adelman's exit makes no sense; Rockets make change

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HOUSTON - Rick Adelman is a winner. Look at his resume and that's all that needs to be said. Adelman spent 4 years here in Houston leading the Rockets. What he rarely did was lead a Rockets team he "thought" he inherited when he first took the job.

As expected Monday the Rockets and Adelman mutually agreed to part ways. Much of of it I'm told falls on Les Alexander who made the call and passed along to GM Daryl Morey. Whether that's true or not is beside the point that they have said goodbye to a great, well respected coach.

Don't fool yourself on the replacement. They won't find one any better.

Adelman saw this coming and was frustrated over the squad he coached. He loved his guys and gave them props all of the time over their effort and never quit attitudes.

Bottom line though, Adelman came here to coach Yao, McGrady and other big names. That really never happened.

The Rockets missed the playoffs the past two years winning 42 and 43 games each season. With the roster Adelman had to work with, that was a major step in the right direction. The Rockets weren't even playoff contenders so missing the post-season is irrelevant.

Replacements being bantered about the past Elston Turner, Mario Elie, Mike Brown and Mike Woodson not to mention the old reliables like Jeff Van Gundy (doubt that will even pan out) and a host of others that have some experience.

The Rockets players told us last week they all wanted Adelman back. They loved him as a coach, teacher and person.

Apparantly, their opinions didn't matter.

All of this said, Adelman wanted answers to regarding the direction of the franchise. Good chance he didn't hear what he wanted and was more than happy to walk away.

Adelman will be back and in demand. How long will it take for the Rockets to get back?
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BillyBall will be great for Texas Tech and Big 12; Astros and Lyles
March 21, 2011 - Leave a Response

Greetings from Houston's sports hub of KPRC Local 2 Sports…

Checking out my bracket(s).. so far , not too bad but I need by teams to come through this weekend and I may be in good shape.

Texas is out of the tournament and since they were a tad overrated most of the season it's a fitting end to another "good" season in Austin. Rick Barnes has done a terrific job of building Texas into a solid program on the national stage. Let's not get carried away though, the Longhorns are not a powerhouse. Not sure they ever will be but Barnes is solid and a great recruiter.

Billy Gillispie is back in business. He was named Texas Tech's new Head Coach and will be introduced Wednesday morning in Lubbock. BCG has had some time on the beach to get away from the game and get his life in order. His issues worsened when he arrived at Kentucky. He's a good guy, smart, hard working and results driven. He has more connections in Texas recruiting circles than probably Barnes and Turgeon combined. Gillipsie is that well liked in high school and AAU circles. He will get his players, implement his system and win. Pride in the Red Raider basketball program is on the way.

At Astros camp… the numbers aren't good for opening day starter Brett Myers who gave up 12 hits and 5 earned runs Monday against the Tigers. Myers did strike out 4 but his 9.00 ERA is not what he or the club had in mind.

He's a gamer though and will get the ball in Philly. For some, Spring training is a pain and the best remedy is to get the heck outta dodge. Myers will re-group and bring it next week.

Today, 20 year old Righthander Jordan Lyles was optioned to AAA camp. Good move that's really about money. No sense having him up yet . He'll go to OKC , get in some starts, keep improving and I'll tell ya right now by early summer he'll be in an Astros uniform.

I saw and spoke with Lyles in Kissimmee recently and he's got the mindset and talent to make the jump. He's a sign that the Astros farm system, slowly but surely, is beginning to see results in the rebuilding project.
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Tourney time! My bracket & all things hoops
March 17, 2011 - Leave a Response

Back from a few days of R&R and ready to start one of my favorite times of the year. March Madness is when people, whether they are sports fans or not, come out and act like it for a few weeks.

Filling out a bracket for some of us involves some time and stat comparison while others choose teams because of their team colors or mascot names. Actually, I've known quite a few who have gone that route and whipped all of us.

Here's my NCAA Bracket. Take a look, compare, agree-disagree. Have fun with it. If I'm doing well in it, you'll certainly hear about it on Local 2 Sports.

It's really easy for folks in our parts to clear the rowdy road to Reliant for the Aggies and Longhorns. But for a few minutes, take your team colors off and look at both clubs. The records look impressive but break it down and do you really see either team making it past the Sweet 16?

I think the Aggies win but struggle over a sloppy Florida State team Thursday and then bow out in round 2 against a very good Notre Dame club. Even if the Ags pull off the huge upset, I don't see them matching up well with Purdue.

The Longhorns are young and a hard team to figure out. Will the fellas show up or will they have issues dealing with the big spotlight that the tournament brings? Texas should get past a good Oakland team then I have them knocking off Arizona before running into Duke. I'd love to see them beat Coach K's team but he's Coach K and his team is more talented, experienced and deeper than Barnes' group.

For Texas, it will be another good season but still not what Barnes envisions for his program.

Overall, I don't think Syracuse is getting enough respect. The Orangemen play great defense, are athletic and can score. They survived the Big East and are always tournament ready. I have them upsetting a young Ohio State team in the Elite 8 but losing to Duke in the National Semi-Finals.

The other side of the bracket, I really like Kansas and Purdue to advance to the Elite 8 with Kansas moving on to Reliant and a date with Florida in the National Semi-Finals. That SE Region I like Gonzaga to advance to the Sweet 16.

So I'll go with Kansas to win it all over Syracuse in my ‘official" bracket.

In my other bracket (for another pool) I'm going with Final Four of : Ohio St, UCONN, Kansas, Florida. UCONN winning title over Kansas.

Have fun and good luck!

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