Active shooter drill held at University of Houston-Downtown

UHD police say it's the best way to prepare for an active shooter attack

HOUSTON - A terrifying day at an elementary school campus in Decatur, Georgia, where a man fired an assault rifle on campus, sending students running out of the school. No one was hit, and that suspect is in custody.

At the very same time, an active shooter "drill" was being held at the University of Houston-Downtown.

The best way to prepare for an active shooter attack on a school is to practice like it's the real thing. That's exactly what police are doing at UHD Tuesday.

The scenario is terrifying: An armed gunman is attaking students at U of H Downtown and the university police are learning state of the art tactics to protect the students and faculty.

These are tactics designed to first protect the teachers and students from further harm and then to allow the police to take down the shooter as quickly as humanly possible.

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