Accused college rapist spends 1 day in jail, gets 1 year probation


BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - A former Indiana University student accused of raping two women was sentenced to one year of probation.

John Phillip Enochs,21, pleaded guilty to lesser charges after he was charged with two counts of rape. One victim said Enochs raped her at his fraternity house in April 2015. She said she didn't know him at the time, and repeatedly told him to stop. She said she was eventually able to get away.

Police got hold of security footage from the house which showed Enochs entering a room with the woman. She left 24 minutes later. Health officials determined that she suffered a laceration to her genitals.

In the course of their investigation, police uncovered a similar case from 2013. The victim was willing to help with the investigation.

DNA evidence, witness statements and identification from the victims gave police enough evidence to charge Enochs.

Last week, Enochs accepted a plea deal and pleaded guilty to battery with moderate bodily injury. The two rape charges were dismissed.

Enochs was sentenced to one year of probation. He spent one day in jail.

The Monroe County prosecutor's office saíd in a statement: "After the cases were filed, evidence continued to be developed that led us to the conclusion that neither case, standing alone, presented sufficient evidence to prove rape."

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