Cypress homeowner pleads for burglar to return her stolen dog

By Samantha Ptashkin - Reporter

CYPRESS, Texas - A Cypress woman is on a desperate search to find her dog after it was stolen from her home.

Tammy Costello says she went to work and when she returned home a few hours later to check on her Yorkie, named Serenity, the dog was gone. Her laptop and TV were also missing. 

“I came in and started calling for her,” Costello said. “I looked under everything and in the cabinets and in the pantry, then I noticed her leash was gone and I knew she was gone.”

She says Serenity is like a third child to her and she can’t understand how a person could steal a family’s dog.  “I mean that is one thing to take possessions, but why would you take someone's dog? Who does that?” Costello said.

Now she is passing out fliers, hoping someone spots Serenity and brings her back home. “I just want her back, no questions asked,” Costello said.

Costello lives in an apartment complex in Fairfield, off U.S. 290, near the outlet mall. If you have any information about where Serenity might be, call 281-831-2120. 

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