9-Foot Shark Caught In Galveston

GALVESTON, Texas - A man caught a nearly 9-foot bull shark during his bachelor party in Galveston over the weekend.

Even after a 12-year-old boy nearly had his foot torn off, and another woman had her leg ripped open by bull sharks while vacationing in the area, Zachery Seltz said it's not enough to stop him from doing what he loves: shark fishing.

"You shouldn't demonize the shark. You're in their territory," said Seltz.

The soon-to-be groom said he is fully aware that the beach patrol is warning people to be careful in the water, because sharks are one of the most vicious and aggressive animals out there.

Seltz said he's simply not afraid, and that's why he had his bachelor party on the water.

"This was the sixth shark of the trip that we caught," said Seltz.

Seltz and his groomsmen reeled in a nearly 9-foot shark along the shores of High Island in Galveston County, which is just a couple of inches shy of the state record.

"If you know how to respect them, it's not bad," said Seltz.

Texas Parks and Wildlife officials said shark attacks are rare, but they're most likely to happen in the early morning and late afternoon hours.

Seltz said he'll be back looking for more sharks after the honeymoon.

"Some people keep saying this is a good omen for the marriage," he said.

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