8 things you should never forget to pack

Packing right will make trip much smoother

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Comfortable Shoes

The classic American pair of running shoes can be limiting in countries where you're touring churches. But they'd be perfect for walking the Las Vegas Strip. Consider your destination and how much you'd like to pack. Look for shoes that can be versatile and take you from a morning city tour to an evening dinner out. Rubber soles are always helpful. </li>

First-Aid Items

You might think it's easy enough to find an adhesive bandage when you need one, but if you scrape a leg while doing a cloud-top rainforest tour in Costa Rica, you aren't likely to find a drugstore nearby. Antibacterial gel or hand wipes can also come in handy.


If you're worried about losing it, or you forgot it, you can be thankful that the camera manufacturers have created the disposable version.

Plastic Bags

Grab a few of the leftovers you've been saving from the drugstore as well as the zip-close types. Both have dozens of uses, from storing dirty or wet clothes to keeping a wallet dry during that white-water rafting adventure.

Proper Identification (Driver's License Or Passport)

Always check before you leave for the airport that you have the correct identification for leaving the country.

Extra Cash

It's relatively easy to get cash from automatic teller machines in hundreds of countries, but it's not always convenient to have to ask the taxi driver to stop along the way so you can pay him. Stash some extra somewhere, just in case.

Prescription Drugs

You're really in for a hassle if you forget your prescription. And why put yourself through that when the goal is to forget your worries? Ask your doctor or pharmacist for a backup.

Credit Card

Even if you're the world's greatest travel planner, you can't control everything. Be prepared!

More Items To Remember

It's easy to forget your swimsuit -- pack it first. You can buy one in your destination, but it sure can take a while to find one you like.

If you're visiting a rainy area, bring a rain jacket or a traveler's umbrella. An even better move would be to prepare for rain anywhere by bringing a light waterproof jacket that can be layered on top of other clothes (or tied around your waist when the sun emerges).

Think about other things you can't live without. If you're a picky eater, you might pack a jar of peanut butter. Do you wear contacts? Bring an extra pair. Will you have a long layover? Bring a deck of cards.

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