6-year-old girl gets on wrong bus, dropped off at wrong stop

HOUSTON - Klein ISD officials are investigating how a 6-year-old first grader from Kuehnle Elementary School was able to get on and off the wrong school bus.

The incident caused a frantic search for Maiya Broussard, who was found about three hours later playing at a friend's house.

The child was first reported missing when her father, Seth Broussard, said he went to the neighborhood bus stop in the afternoon to pick up Maiya and her younger sister. The younger sister got off the bus, but Maiya did not.

Seth said he notified the principal and that sparked a search by Klein ISD police and Harris County deputy constables.

"I think it was just a mistake, the buses were very close in numbers," said Judy Rimato, Klein ISD associate superintendent for communications and planning . "I think it was just a mistake and we're going to watch them in the future."

Seth said he is thankful to everyone who searched for her daughter, but he feels the incident would have been prevented if school district rules were followed.

"My thing is, when Miaya got off the bus and on the wrong bus, how did she get off the bus without a parent or guardian?" said Broussard. "We have to put a photo ID and name and addresses when they go at each stop."

Rimato said the incident would be addressed at the campus level on Thursday.

Seth said he will not put his daughters back on a school bus until he is assured something like this will never happen again.

"She's going to be a car rider every year now. I guess that's what's going to have to happen," said Seth.

Last year, Klein ISD fired a school bus driver after a 5-year-old student was left sleeping on a bus and later found wandering alone.

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