6 Occupy Houston Protesters Arrested In Park

HOUSTON - Six Occupy Houston protesters were arrested in a downtown Houston park Wednesday.

Houston police said the incident began in Tranquility Park at 11 p.m. Tuesday after some Occupy Houston members put up what officers called a tent.

The protesters said it was a tarp used to protect equipment from the weather.

"A member of our peaceful protest attempted to protect his equipment from the rain, you know, like a humane thing to do," said Sarah Slaman with Occupy Houston.

An officer asked that the structure be removed or that the protesters relocate because of city ordinances.

"They refused to take it down. They got four warnings, at least," said Lt. P. Manzo with the Houston Police Department.

Dozens of officers arrived at the park, handcuffed six protesters and placed them in paddy wagons.

"There is no reason police should harass him under a tarp next to his property. The civil ordinance isn't civil," Slaman said.

Protesters chanted and cried out "shame" as the arrests were made.

Houston police said four more people were taken into custody for interfering with the police operations. They were released after tickets were issued.

Occupy Houston said it will hold a news conference at 10 a.m. about the arrests.

The group has been camped out at Tranquility Park outside Houston City Hall for weeks.

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