5-year-old shoots sister with 'My First Rifle'

Gun marketed for children

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter

HOUSTON - Authorities said a 5-year-old Kentucky boy accidentally shot his 2-year-old sister with a rifle he had received as a gift. The gun was loaded and the children were reportedly left alone. 

Authorities in Kentucky said the gun was a .22 caliber rifle marketed specifically for kids. It's called "My First Rifle," and is manufactured by Keystone Sporting Arms in Pennsylvania. 

On the company's website there is an entire section devoted to children, guns and accessories. The rifles are even available in pink for girls and blue for boys.

"The fact that we are marketing guns that are specifically targeted to young children...it boggles the mind," said Kelly Bowman, a Houston mom who is a member of the group 'Moms Demand Action'.

Bowman wasn't speaking for the organization, but rather as a mom who said she wants to see common sense gun laws passed in America. 

"There are eight children killed from gun violence everyday in this country," Bowman said. 

Larry Feland, owner of Feland's Gunsmithing in Cypress, has a different opinion when it comes to guns and kids. He has taught gun safety to hundreds of children, and he is so passionate about the topic, he never charges for a child's lesson. 

"Part of the problem is the side that doesn't want us to have guns -- if they worked half as hard to teach kids the right way to do things, it would help," he said.  "Instead they're going the opposite direction."

Feland said five years old is too young to have access to guns without parental supervision. In his opinion, kids need to know how dangerous they can be.

"They need to know that that is devastating," Feland said.  "That can kill somebody. You need to never point that at somebody in any way, shape or form."

Both sides of the gun debate agreed what happened in Kentucky was a senseless tragedy that could have been prevented. 

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