4 men at large in NW Harris County home invasion

By Amy Davis - Reporter/Consumer Expert

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas - Intruders beat a 14-year-old boy in a frightening home invasion in northwest Harris County. Hours after the crime, deputies arrested one of the suspects at a local high school.

Fourteen-year-old Palmer Omandi said he was sleeping on the couch when he woke up to fourĀ  masked men pummeling him with their fists.

"They were beating me up asking where's the money," said Omandi. "I was like 'I ain't got no money.'"

Palmer was home alone with his 4-year-old sister who was sleeping in another room. His mother works overnights as a nurse. He said the men went room to room grabbing electronics. He believes they got spooked and dropped everything when his 16-year-old brother came home.

Tinkler Omandi says he was wakling up the driveway when he saw someone walk out of his house. He recognized the teenager as a student from his school.

"I asked him what are you doing coming out of my house," Tinkler said. "He said something about getting the wrong address and he was looking for Christina."

It wasn't until he went inside his home and saw his brother, covered in blood, that he realized what had happened. The other men ran out the back door.

When Tinkler identified the teen he saw to Harris County Sheriff's deputies as Omar Torres, they waited for him to show up for class at Spring High School and arrested him. He's charged with aggravated robbery. Four other suspects are still at large.

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