4 Cy-Fair seniors charged with felony graffiti

By Amy Davis - Reporter/Consumer Expert

HOUSTON - Four Cy-Fair seniors started their summer behind bars.

They are charged with felony graffiti, accused of  spray-painting a racial slur on the cafeteria windows at Langham Creek High School.

According to court documents, it happened on June 5 in the early morning hours before the last day of school.

The four seniors drove to the high school armed with spray paint for what they called a senior prank, police said.

Seventeen-year-old Sharif Al Droubi appears to be the leader according to court documents. His friend 18-year-old Courtland Pelt told investigators that Al Droubi told them what letters to paint on each window pane in the commons area, but he claimed he didn't actually know what it was going to read.

The vandals left an obscene word and a racial slur. Cy-Fair ISD cleaned it up immediately, but the act will leave a mark on the teens' records.

Al Droubi, Pelt, 18-year-old Troy Brymer and 18-year-old Trevor Kimble were all arrested. Investigators say they all admitted their involvement.

Local 2 stopped by each teen's home. Pelt's mother told investigators the four stayed the night there with her son all night at their home. When police showed her surveillance video of the teens  climbing the roof of the school to commit the crime, they say she identified each one.

The teens are only charged at this point. If they are found guilty the crime is punishable by six months to two years in jail.

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